“When all else fails, music speaks and everything rooted in passion is possible. Music is my life, it is the only thing that can pick me up when I’m down”–  Hlalefang Nomganga / Fang DaRhythm

Growing up listening to a lot of radio played a huge role in Fang’s love for music. Fang developed an ear for deep house sound, yet maintained a healthy love for RnB, Jazz, Afro Soul Sound and a bit of Hip Hop. As his music knowledge broadened, so did the horizons of his inspiration

“ I’ve always been interested in the art of mixing music, though I only started practicing it later in my high school years. I started collecting a lot of music on vinyl and hung around two of my then friends who were well known DJs in Alexandra. I used their equipment every time I got a chance to jump on but I later enrolled at a DJ school for a 3 months deejaying course”.

Fang enjoys long hour sets as this allows him to take music lovers on a musical journey on the dance floor, sailing from deep house to Afro to Electro and even some old school classics.

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