Edgar Mfaba’s interests in music generally began at an early age and lead him to the discovery of house music, a passion that has stayed with him.

He was born in Tanzania when his parents were staying in exile at the time. He then moved to South Africa when he was 3 years old to stay in Meadowlands Soweto at his grandmother’s house.

Edsoul spent his early days doing part time jobs while his ever-inspiring mother nudged him towards following his passion and love for music

Ed defines his style of spinning as soulful, tribal, techy, and lounge futuristic sound. He later landed a job at Club Capital in Rosebank as a resident DJ and met the likes of Vinny Da Vinci, DJ Christos, Oskido & DJ Monde, just to name a few. Edsoul enjoys long sets like his brother in arms as it allows him to explore more music. He believes music is a spiritual thing, a body thing and soul thing – and that is how he connects with his audience.

“My interest in music began at a very early age I was exposed to the kind of music my mom used to listen to like Stevie Wonder, Glady’s Knight etc, I loved humming along to the songs, little did I realise that I was falling in LOVE with that 80’s soul Motown vibe.” 

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